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Grand Hospice

30 AVRIL Coven Initiation Ritual -Get Off My Broom

Coming out of these two very confusing and alienating years, we as a community are hungrier for rituals than ever before.Remember how we created complex and elaborate rituals on the playground with chants in our games as children. Humans crave rituals, and Get off My Broom wants to bring back the sense of community that we lost, especially as we leave big institutions like main religions.
Ritual provides a sense of connection and a sense of comfort.
It strips away the barriers we raise to shield ourselves in everyday life.
Rituals can be performed alone, but performing rituals in a group of people dear to you is an incredibly moving experience.Rituals are also about lowering defensive barriers we raise and reaching out to one another or something greater than ourselves.
During said rituals, we work with energies and ideas greater than ourselves. Whether you are drawing the power of a Goddess, God, Spirit, Ancestor, Cosmic Light, or just the universe, the fact that you are trying to connect makes rituals unique.We also become firmer in our own identity when we connect.
Rituals are also used to purify our energies and bring us harmony and balance through every aspect of our lives.As the Get Off my broom ritual host, my goal is to facilitate this ritual for the group and teach and empower you to create rituals for yourself.
On April 30th, the timing is ripe for igniting new practices and initiating new practitioners to the craft.We will have a partial Solar eclipse, a day of great power that will be very transformative, and it is associated with sudden change, new beginnings, and new growth.
The moon on that day will go from Aries to Taurus, from idea to concretisation.This event is open to anyone who would like to assemble with us, and we and those who would like to be officially initiated will be part of the ceremony.Join us on this beautiful day inside the beautiful chapel of the Grand hospice, a great place of power that will be consecrated especially for that day.Schedule
Welcoming of Guest 19:00
Ritual starts 20:00
Individual initiations 21:00
Parting 10:30-11:00