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Grand Hospice


For our next In-Store Session, we have the pleasure to invite Thin Consolation, to present them, here is a few words they wrote :

« I’ve been asked to write a few lines to introduce you to our somewhat unpredictable production line, the aptly named « Recordings of Thin Consolation ».

I suppose some form of overture would be appropriate, some brief historical summary, preferably with some poignant detail to exemplify how far we’ve come, what dedication we’ve shown, the idea being that this will give you #real insight into our fundamentally #sincere motivations, conferring a veneer of #authenticity to our work.

In the end, we do what we do, and you make it what you will. Some people drink, some collect stamps, some prefer gardening or cross-dressing. This is our thing. This is our two-word gesture to life as a statistic. In case of anxiety, just infuse longer.

🗓️ 12.11 🕓 20:00 – 23:00 📍 Hospice Records

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