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Grand Hospice

20 MAY – « Different Pieces 7 » performance by Wannes Lecompte

« Different Pieces 7 » est une performance dans laquelle le peintre Wannes Lecompte est accompagné de musiciens.

For the seventh performance in the Different Pieces series, Brussels-based visual artist Wannes Lecompte invites musicians Nate Wooley (US), Ken Vandermark (US) and Ingebricht Håker Flaten (NO) at Grand Hospice.

What does a musician have that a painter does not and vice versa? Why don’t people applaud the image? And why do we look at the musician when he is making something and only look at the image after the process is over? This problem, which in fact there is none, is addressed in ‘Different Pieces’, a performance in which musicians accompany Wannes Lecompte.

It concerns a series of performances in which the abstraction of the ‘performance’ itself is made in a different way each time. Starting from a great admiration for musicians, the painter Wannes appropriates the privilege to join them on stage and talk about music.

📆 20.05
🕓 21:00
📍 Grand Hospice

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