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Le Grand Hospice is an open space, involving the surrounding neighbors and associations on a daily basis to create a real culture of proximity. This focus on co-construction is supported by key neighborhood players Jeugdhuis Chicago Maison de Jeunes, Comité Alhambra, Chicago back asbl and LD³ - Het Anker, who play an active role in the programming and choice of occupants.

The projects are divided into four themes: Sustainable Development, Community, Art, and Education & Health. As part of the Call for Projects, we have encouraged target projects to participate in order to build the active core of each theme. Each theme thus becomes a center of gravity within the project, generating its own developments, its own programming, and reinforcing the whole. Collective management is encouraged by an agora that brings together all the projects present on the site.

Looking for a project? Here's a list of Grand Hospice residents by location.


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